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 The Guild of Media Arts was formed in 2014 as the lifelong custodian of York’s designation as a UNESCO City of Media Arts. 

 What we do 


 We run great socials 

 We create networking events 

 We run skills workshops 

 We provide a place to collaborate 

 We bring media arts into the lives of York's residents. 

 The Guild are heavily involved in York's Mediale Festival


 To find out more about becoming a member,  click here.  

 The Guild is a bridging organisation that aims to connect our world
 "where creativity  and 
technology meet" 

Membership of  The Guild of Media Arts  is open to everyone who supports York and Media Arts. We have a wide-ranging membership, including individuals and organisations involved in (but not limited to):

- Games design 

- Graphic design

- Digital photography 

- Film

- Light art

- Digital art

- Animation

- Generative Art

- Video games 

- Robotics

Why not add your knowledge to York's biggest guild as a member or  apply to join our court  to directly support the development of The Guild.