York is designated a  UNESCO City of Media Arts and member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN).


UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation and is a specialised agency of the United Nations.


UNESCO is responsible for coordinating international cooperation in education, science, culture and communication.

They strengthen ties between nations and societies and promote the idea that each child and citizen should:

• have access to quality education;

• grow and live in a cultural environment rich in diversity, where heritage serves as a bridge between generations and peoples;

• fully benefit from scientific advances;

• enjoy full freedom of expression; the basis of democracy, development and human dignity.


We link York to UNESCO

Our world is changing fast, and creativity is a key element of future proofing communities. Our connection with other creative cities helps us to spot innovations that could benefit York. This connection provides new opportunities to learn, trade, and collaborate with talented people all over the world.

We are showing, through practical example, how our Local Plan can support everyone’s cultural wellbeing. How culture and creativity can have an impact on people’s physical and mental health, and demonstrating, through the amazing research in our universities and the global success of our creative companies, that we have what it takes to build on two
millennia of pioneering urban development.

Our UNESCO designation – as a Creative City of Media Arts – gives us the access and support we need. We want more people and businesses in York to get involved and take advantage of the possibilities membership offers. We regularly
send out to Guild members invitations to participate in festivals, exhibitions and fairs, we broker collaborations between organisations, and we organise delegations.

We welcome enquiries about projects that could benefit from membership of the
Network. Please contact the Guild clerk.

Creative City Designation 

The  UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN)  promotes cooperation among cities which have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable, urban development.


The network of almost 250 cities work together towards placing creativity and cultural industries at the heart of their development plans, at both local and international level.​

Internationally York is part of a cluster of Media Arts cities. 




 York Mediale is a new media arts festival which will run biennially with the aim to galvanise the region’s media arts capacity through participation, talent development and co-production.


The initial festival was an ambitious celebration of cutting-edge media arts, underpinned by year-round development activity with the best emerging talent across international networks.

Initially taking place 27 September - 6 October 2018, the next festival in 2020 has been confirmed after the success of 2018.


York Mediale provides a platform for innovative art and technology to tell York’s stories where people least expect.








 A Creative City like York  must always think about the next generation.

They will be the creative leaders of the future although they might still be at college or school.


The Guild believes you cannot begin early enough to inspire and encourage creativity in young people. That’s why we helped set up York’s Cultural Education Partnership to bring together young people in education and the cultural sector.

Our Digital Adventurers certificate recognises the excellence of the work of students and their schools.


Working with our partners in education and the Council we are planning many more exciting initiatives to set free and develop the talent of our city’s young people. 

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