York Creative Sector Unites for “Lockdown Surgery” to succeed in our post-lockdown world.

Leaders from York creative businesses will share and discuss experiences, followed by questions from attendees as York's Creative sector unites in support as lockdown eases.

In what is the most ambitious online meeting for York's Creative Sector to-date – so much so that The Guild of Media Arts and York Creatives have joined forces - representatives from York Theatre Royal, BetaJester, The Jorvik Group, Orillo Films and The Crescent Community Venue will draw on their collective experiences to share with viewers of a Zoom meeting at 1pm on Thursday 25th June 2020.

As key personnel in locally and internationally renowned cultural hubs, which attract millions to York every year, innovative organisations who fly the flag for independent business and vibrant content producers who have been commissioned by global brands to stamp York's mark around the world, the panel is sure to bring unique and valuable insight to overcoming challenges that have shaken the foundations of how we live since lockdown began 3 months ago in March 2020.

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Above 1, (L-R): Tom Bird, Rebecca Carr, Harkirit Boparai (2) Richard O'Hare, Adam Boyne, Sarah Maltby.

Founded in 2014 as a Facebook Group, Ben Porter's York Creatives project has attracted over 2,000 members and newsletter subscribers, becoming a reliable online community for all manner of creativity and collaboration. Expanding to podcasts in 2018, the York Creatives attracted the support of Owen Turner of United by Design, Rebecca Carr of Kaizen Arts and Richard Corrigan of DogEatCog. By 2019, discussions had opened up between York Creatives and the Guild of Media Arts, one of York's key stakeholders of the UNESCO Designation of a City of Media Arts, alongside York Mediale.

In teaming up with York Creatives for Lockdown Surgeries, The Guild of Media Arts is strengthening it's position as a signposting, lobbying and bridging organisation that works to facilitate and encourage discussions in and around creativity and Media Arts in York that feed into UNESCO's Creative City Network. Both organisations are based in the York, working without bias or an agenda to bring focus and unity to the narrative and dialogue in and around York's Creative Sector.

Guild Clerk, Chris Bailey comments:

Photo of Chris bailey
"The Lockdown Surgeries are a space for our members to say what is important to them. Hearing personal stories about how we are all coping is really important, and so is coming together to imagine creative lives in this city in future. Inspiring and practical projects have never been needed more as we redesign the economy".

If cultural redesign is assisted by curiosity and discussion, the aim and outcomes of Lockdown surgeries are to give life to that discussion so that we can all benefit and in the long run, work together more effectively to show how strong we are when unified and ultimately add more value both culturally and financially to York's presence on the global stage.

Speaking on the value of conversations, Rebecca Carr who will be chairing the Lockdown Surgery panel adds

“Conversations connect us, they are the bit in-between that spark ideas, inspire us, and give meaning to our lives.

Screenshot of Zoom phonecall
Hari Prabu from Creative Industries federation during his discussion as part of Lockdown Surgery, April 2020

Conversations aren’t just about talking and listening. We communicate in so many different ways as creative thinkers, and as a cultural species. This in-between space, that gives meaning to our lives, that helps us understand why we do what we do, is the space within which we can make change.

I’m happy to be part of these conversations in York, because I believe that change needs to happen, but I also want to be a part of bringing the ideas out of the conversations and turn them into actions.

Margaret Heffernan says that 'Change doesn’t happen in theory'.In chairing this discussion, my role as I see it, is to ask and reflect on how we use our collective voice and connections to plan actions that help make good change”.

On why it's important to open up dialogue through events such as this, Harkirit Boparai explains

“York has good reason to be proud of its cultural offer, which has been created through its grassroots DIY scene. But this is now under an unprecedented threat. We're at risk of losing our venues and theatres. Whatever happens going forward, we are going to need increased cooperation to get through the current crisis, and develop resilience going forward. We need to start dictating the cultural strategy of York if we want there to be any culture left after lockdown”.

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Editors Notes:

The 1st Lockdown Surgery took place in April 2020, with an intimate discussion with Hari Prabu, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at the Creative Industries Federation.The Guild of Media Arts aims to regularly post spotlight blog posts on individuals and organisations who make up our Creative sector, share appropriate jobs and share industry updates, all of which is collated intoa regular newsletter.

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