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Work less, achieve more: How adopting a four-day working week can boost your employees’ performance

Photo of weekly planner with sharpie pen, camera and bracelet
📷Jazmin Quaynor
There’s a very traditional view that the number of hours a business works is directly equal to what that business can produce. Think harsh Victorian mill owners pushing their workers to toil for longer hours so they make more money.

It’s an archaic idea, one used around the world, but one that doesn’t consider the effectiveness of an individual.

Humans aren’t machines. Our brains work better when we are well-rested and happy. This is especially true of creative people who are capable of being more effective - more creative - when they aren’t stressed and enjoy a far better work/life balance.

I wanted to explore what would happen in my agency if we dispensed with the workhouse mentality and gave the team time to think and to relax'