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What is Tech York and Why Check It Out?

Tech York Logo

Tech York is an annual event that's back again this week and always educates and inspires: providing insight into the tech world. It's never overly techy, always in a standout local venue and is only ever a fiver!

We sat down with one of the event organisers, Heather Niven to find out more about this event.

What is Tech York and how did it come about?

Tech York has been running for over 2 years now and is designed to give the digital and IT business people in and around the city an opportunity to meet, learn about new tech, find out about fellow businesses and do business themselves. It is a great networking evening with drinks and food, presentations and chat.

Who attends and how often do you run the event?

We normally have around 40-60 tech people attending and we run the event every 2-3 months. This month we are pleased to be upstairs in The Botanist just off Stonegate.

Can you spill the beans on who is speaking at your next event?

We have the pleasure of Stephanie Whitley from