What Happens When I Join the Website As A Member (sign up, notifications & features)

At the time of writing (September 2019), The Guild of Media Arts website is not the same as our payment portal.

To access your payment portal, click here or to view FAQs, visit our membership page.

(if you have expertise in migrating payment systems and are a member who is willing to assist, please get in touch!)

To the best of our knowledge, all information is accurate and correct. For the most up to date information on membership processes and features of our website, visit Wix Support.

Read about how to sign up and what to expect, below.


1. Click the Login / Sign Up button in the centre, at the top of every page

(scroll up)

2. Sign up with Facebook, Google or an Email address

3. Check your inbox for your welcome email

4. Let us know if you're a member and would like adding to the member's page, making it easier to contact York's Creative Community.

This is for paid members only.

5. Sign in to your profile at the top of the page and give yourself a unique URL

6. Set your notification and contact preferences to your liking (everything is automatically turned on when you first sign up)

7. You're done! Use your profile to update your profile, access event bookings, blog comments and more...

If you're an admin, blogger or community ambassador, let us know so we can assign you to the correct role so you can write blogs, draft blogs

How can I be removed from the website?

If you don't want to show up on the website, you have two options:

  1. Set your profile to private by clicking the 3 dots next to your image (see above image)

  2. Contact us to request profile deletion by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the page or using the contact form.