Welcome to Ben Porter, our latest member to join our member's directory

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As we work hard to build our member's directory, we're relying on our you: our network to submit your details for the wider community to explore.

Another platform? I hear you ask.

Well, yes. And no.

We set up Faces as an open means for individuals to be able to explore our network and be able to simply put a name to a face or go as far as to reach out and make contact. Here at the Guild of Media Arts, we appreciate that value that other platforms hold (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc). We also appreciate that not everybody uses these platforms and that some conversations are better done in person and we feel that in order to really make our connections open and available to members of the Guild of Media Arts, a public-facing, simple page such as Faces does the trick.

Do you agree? Is there a better option? Comment below or join the Guild and submit your details to our member's directory to add your face to the future of York's Creative Sector.


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