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York Mystery Plays Update: Waggon Pushers Needed

Work on our contribution to the York Mystery Plays 2018 is well underway with our Waggon-Master and Guild Clerk, Chris Bailey. Chris has already walked the route with fellow waggon-masters, which stops outside St William's College, St Sampson's Square, St Helen's Square and Kings Manor (ticketed).

Director, Tom Straszewski has already cast three parts now in rehearsal for our play, which forms part of the first CREATION stories and is The Spicers’ Play: The Annunciation and Visitation. As you can imagine, we're thrilled to be the second play in this year's production, which begins as follows...

The Mysteries begin with acts of creation- with York’s Builders creating the world from nothing in a mere five days. Partnered with this is the New Testament’s story of creation- the visit of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, telling her of the new life to come.
York Mystery Plays 2018 - Tickets Now on Sale