Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, Member's Preview - Event Summary

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

360 panoramic photo of inside St Mary's, Coppergate, York as part of the 2019 Van Gogh Exhibition
On the 11th of July guild members were lucky enough to enjoy a complimentary viewing, saving themselves £13!
The future of art has arrived inside St Mary’s, which has been transformed into a giant canvas showcasing Van Gogh’s works.

Entering in to a sea of cherry blossom is quite breath-taking. However, every moment of this event could be described in this way. Portraits are brought to life using clever animation, with narration using Van Gogh’s (translated) words, adding context. There’s even the opportunity to peek into Van Gogh’s bedroom in Arles using the power of Virtual Reality to explore Van Gogh’s inspiration, by taking a journey through the French countryside.

For many people these immersive events are the next generation of art, combining digital and classical in a glorious fusion that leaves many speechless (and even a few in tears). The fact that it’s been brought to York before anywhere else in the UK shows that York is at the forefront of contemporary (media) art.

Our Members Make Us

Everything we do is for our members and despite a sunny evening, we had a number of Guild members that took advantage of their free preview, which, at £13 is more than 50% the value of a standard year membership or more than 3 times that of a student membership.

With the event on being officially published for two days, we're pleased with this reach, which tells us we should do more (and all being well, we might be able to negotiate more events like this in the future).

If you're a member and could help us reach more people or run better events - let us know, your support and knowledge would be very welcome.

Tickets Sold:

  • 55 tickets sold

  • 32 sales (some multiple ticket holders)

  • 25 check-ins on the night


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