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The Guild out in York: Autumn 2019

Is it already Autumn? Wow, this year has gone fast, hasn't it?

I feel like I say that every year. Probably because I do. Thankfully, it's not just me as there's been physics research into how our minds perceive time, which seems to boil down to our perceptions.

Speaking about perceptions, perception is everything: we all have opinions of our own and we can't shape what others think. We can, however, shape what we project into the world and what we do to shape that message, which is why we've been ramping up our activities in recent months to ensure we have a presence at a number of events including York Business Week, York Tech Fest 2019, Entrepreneurs and careers events.

As proactive members of our various communities, members of the Guild are at many events across the city individually.

As a Guild, it's our aim to push our presence through more bold attendance with our banner, new leaflets and by showcasing, linking and sharing updates from our Media Arts community as possible.

In 2020, we're going to strengthening our links with education, starting with attending a careers festival at a York primary school on the 8th December.


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