Spotlight: Online Engagement with Leeds & York Live Streaming Experts, Going Live TV!

Live Streaming opens the doors  to a global audience, increases sponsorships and allows venues to sell more tickets with no attendance limits.

Meet Lianne Collinson and Ben McNeill, a Leeds (Ben) and York (Lianne) based team that splits their time between their two Yorkshire home cities and lay claim to an army of freelancers around the country who enable their company, Going Live TV to broadcast events online.

We sat down with Lianne over a few questions, to find about Going Live TV and delve into the world of live streaming for seasoned pros and newbies alike.

Filming Live Events Sounds Like An Enthralling Job? What's The Best Aspect Of The Work You Do?

We help create a virtual community that’s bigger than you can imagine. Going Live

TV brings audiences together from the comfort of their own living room. We are fairly

familiar with the idea that global audiences can be connected through the Internet

but being able to watch something in real-time wherever you may be is a potential

that really excites us. Particularly as, according to GSMA real-time intelligence data,

there are now over 5.15 billion people with mobile devices worldwide.

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 5.15 Billion people with mobile devices worldwide.

Live Streaming Feels Like a New Thing.

Is it?

Live streaming isn’t new, but it's only in recent years that live streaming to multiple

platforms has become more accessible to anyone that has access to a reliable

internet connection.

Going Live itself has been producing content for 5 years and was started by Ben

McNeill who has broadcast for a number of major corporate brands such as

Universal, the BBC, Channel 4, the Prince’s Trust and TEDx.

Yet now, more than before, given the circumstances of the pandemic, livestreaming

is something everyone is talking about.

How did you get involved with Going Live TV?

I partnered with Ben, having worked for the BBC and then the ABC (Australia

Broadcasting Corporation) in live broadcasting before moving into television

business management. My next step was to move to Canada to work in International

Distribution for Thunderbird Entertainment, selling TV shows to Amazon, Netflix and

Global TV stations. Live television and streaming has an air of excitement about it.

Live streaming makes you think on your toes, as you can’t ‘fix it in post’. It’s what makes live streaming fun!

What's the biggest challenge you regularly face or that you solve for your clients?

If you’d have asked me this before the Pandemic I would have said "convincing

people live streaming is something every company should be doing!", I would have shared the benefits on "not having to travel to do a product launch, sell more tickets at an event by opening up to the world online”.

Now that many people can’t travel and go to events, everyone is looking to stream live and our biggest challenge currently is the request of wanting “something like Zoom”. We get this phrase a lot. I feel like Zoom is their benchmark, it’s what the client understands and they latch onto that concept. Though I must stress Zoom is a video conferencing platform and we do live streaming: there is a difference. Live steaming can bring more possibilities and improved reliability along with video and audio quality, but with that comes the risk of more complications, which is why it's best to work with us as experts!

Our biggest challenge currently is the request of wanting “something like Zoom”.

What's Your Highlight Of The Business Journey So Far?

I think the craziness of 2020! In-spite both Ben and I having years of live streaming experience, Going Live TV is a relatively new business. We had to leave our studio in York when we were just settling in and had to adapt working from an Airbnb during the height of the pandemic. It was strange doing major live streams for huge corporations from a living room; but it worked, you do what you have to do and now we now have a new studio (which I love) on Kirkstall Road in Leeds – things do happen for a reason. I am so happy with the outcome and I appreciate such opportunities a lot.

It was strange doing major live streams for huge corporations from a living room; but it worked, you do what you have to do.

How Easy Is It To Self-Stream? Is It With Trying?

The best thing someone can do is have a chat with a company that specialises in Live Streaming. They can give you options as to what is possible, work out what is best for your event, product launch or masterclass. Most clients leave conversations either overwhelmed or bursting with ideas. If you do speak to anyone, it’s all about clarity and having a clear set of goals and expectations. Also, it is important to make sure anyone you speak to really are live specialists. We’re seeing a lot of companies trying to start a live streaming production company without knowing the technical complications that comes with it. Be aware of who you’ll be placing your trust in.

After Successfully Navigating COVID-19, What's Next for Going Live TV?

We're growing the company at a strong pace and as experts in live streaming, we're working to continue our efforts to bring solutions to events. We’re all in this pandemic together.


Find Lianne and Ben at or visit their Facebook page for Film Live to keep up with their latest updates for the video production community from reviews to events, tech updates and more.

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