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Media Arts Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany Extended to 2021

Since September the Seasons of Media Arts Festival has transformed the city of Karlsruhe, in Germany, which a year ago was awarded the title of UNESCO City of Media Arts, into a stage for media art. The show, which was initiated jointly by the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the ZKM Center for Art and Media, has been extended to run into 2021 because of the current situation and the contact restrictions due to the pandemic. Some of the works will be on show for longer than originally planned; new ones will be added over the next weeks and months.

“Art and culture are very important especially in the current situation to enable new perspectives, provide orientation, and promote social cohesion. The Seasons of Media Arts is also the product of good partnerships and cooperation. This strengthens us as a city of media art and creativity, brings new stimuli, and has an integrating effect on our city’s society”

says Karlsruhe Mayor, Dr. Frank Mentrup.