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Operation Workspace: Artist Owned Art Space in York?

Have your say on the future of a potentially coop owned space for artists in York.

Details on this exciting activity are sparse, however, we understand that a talented group of York movers and shakers, public organisations, designers, architects and cultural change-makers are part of a group who are looking into how York might find a way of setting up it's own artist-owned creative space.

It's in the very early stages, which is why nothing is set in stone. For the first exploration of this exciting development, the group has released a Google Form which aims to see how much demand there would be for such a space in York along with some of the finer details such as cost, services and location.

It's hugely important that as many relevant people and businesses fill out this form as possible to gauge interest. We know York doesn't currently have and is lacking a shared creative space: this may be out chance to take steps towards that.

Click here to take the survey