Member Spotlight: Nikolaus Morris

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Nikolaus Morris writes, directs, and animates

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Meet Nikolaus Morris.

He's collaborated with agencies and production companies to make moving image content for brands including the BBC and Burberry Corporate. He's also produced direct-to-client work for startups including Brush DJ and TouchRight and directed music videos for Tom Hickox, Jack Edwards, and Tres B — he's also made work for the stage.

Approaching a commission, Nik thinks about the audience first:

'Where and how are they encountering a film? We have to be respectful of their time, and what they're expecting to see (or what we've interrupted). How can we reward their attention?'

Nikolaus has made videos and animations that contribute to social media marketing campaigns, but also for employee engagement, public outreach (including academic research), and pure entertainment.

'I like to translate client goals into short, focused but surprising narratives with flowing visuals and tactile sound, and — where appropriate — make people laugh or raise a smile.'

Nikolaus is a freelancer based in York.

You can browse his portfolio here: Drop him an email here:

Alternatively, connect on social media:

twitter: @nikjacek instagram: @nikmorris

He is also developing original scripted drama.