iMOVE - A multidisciplinary outdoor dance performance at Clifford's Tower: Sunday 29th Sept 2019

iMOVE is a multidisciplinary, outdoor, dance performance consisting of music, animation and dance. Performed by Young people from across York and taking place at Castle Carpark. Cliffords Tower provides a heritage backdrop to this immersive performance.

Developed in partnership with the Mediale, produced by York Dance Space, iMove has brought together young people from around the city to work closely with Hannah Wintie-Hawkins and Drew Wintie-Hawkins (meet Drew in his York Creative Podcast) as director and choreographer. Young people have also had a hand in music composition, as facilitated by Jon Hughes and Paul Fothergill.

Not limited to real-life spaces and experiences, the project also explores capturing physical movement and applying eye-catching video effects with animator, Aaron Howell who has created an artistic response to that translates the dance work from the physical landscape to the digital, opening a new branch of response: comfortably sitting in the Media Arts world of The York Mediale, which premiered in 2018 and celebrates the UKs first and only UNESCO City of Media Arts.

York Mediale worked with the City of York Council to enable this project [more info] and two others as part of the council's consultation, part of which focuses on using art to prompt further discussion about improving to the area.

Performances are FREE for everyone and suitable for all ages, taking place exclusively on Sunday 29th September 2019 at the hour on the hours between at 2pm and 5pm (last show, 5pm).

For more information and to keep up with the project, visit the iMove Facebook Page.

Above: A sample of video as produced by animator, Aaron Howell