Our 5 Top Picks for York Design Week 2020

York Design Week explores a new collaborative, inter-perspective narrative for our city.

As programme partners for York Design Week (which means that as York’s newest guild, we're backing the city’s newest annual festival and York as a ‘City of Active Design’), we're wanting to shout about York Design Week 2020.

For us, York Design week means workshops, collaboration, pirates,discussions that challenge our reality and of course, socials (click here to read more about what York Design Week is about).

Our Guild Master, Olivia Chatten says:

“We are delighted to support York Design Week. It’s a major opportunity to show how creativity in design and active participation can make York a better place to work, live and play.”

"Hasn't York Design Week already started?" I hear you say and you'd be right, but you've not missed everything - not by a long stretch. Now is the time to take action and sign up to sessions that haven't already been and gone (sadly, it's too late to join in Networking with York Creatives and the conversation about what participatory budgeting / devolved decision-making could look like for York)

Fret not, weary traveller. We have swam the digital sea, moved binary mountains and peeked under every single app rock to find you the best of what's to come for you, our #MediaArts movers, shakers and future-makers.

Our 5 Top Picks

1.How to Be More Pirate

Thursday, October 29, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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The time has come when breaking the rules is the right thing to do.

Join Sam Conniff and Alex Barker for How to Be More Pirate, an interactive and immersive experience that will showcase how innovation is driven by people, ordinary people. Challenging the cliched image of peg legs and parrots, we explore what we can learn from the golden age of piracy in an age where rule breaking is now the most socially responsible thing to do. Join the mutiny!

2. Technical Tuesday Live with Wrapped Agency

Tuesday, October 27, 11:45 AM 1:00 PM

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2020 is the year of rapidly changing requirements… it’s time to design with purpose

Join Brand Strategist and CEO of Wrapped Agency, Kate Eady and Digital Content Specialist, Katie Torpey, as they discuss how understanding behaviour can inform the way you design. purpose.

3. Community Art and the Social Production of Space

Thursday, October 29, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

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Community Art and the Social Production of Space

Stephen Pritchard will talk about how community art is about the social and cultural production of spaces. Using examples from his practice and research, he’ll argue against socially engaged art, outreach and placemaking, and for community art as part of grassroots community development, participatory democracies and place guarding.

4. Playing with Movement: From Democratic Desire to Communicating for Change

Friday, October 30, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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What colour is speed? What emoji means easy? What does it feel like when you feel safe?

In this fast paced and playful workshop we’ll generate a creative archive of ideas, images and feelings from people of all ages that can be drawn on in future public engagement processes in order to change the dynamics of transport conversation.

For families and imaginative adults.

5. Long Term City: Citizen action and the future of cities

Friday, October 30, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Long term thinking for our future cities, panel discussion with live q+a

How we can collaborate in a progressive and long term, mindful way to bring about good change for our future cities.

Go forth, be curious and join the discussion to design a better future!

There you have it, sailors: let us know how you got on online or next time we meet.