Guild Master's Seasonal Message & 2018 Reflection

Our fourth year has been a busy one and our Guild Master, Ann Gurnell has shared some words and reflections on the year in a message that has gone out via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you for your support and see you in 2019.

The Guild Court. (we're currently looking for new court members - for more info, see the Vacancies page)

Is it too early to say what sort of a year 2018 was? Maybe. But looking back we should all be proud of the achievements of the last 12 months. Most noticeably of course, York hosted the world’s first Mediale! Tom, Rachael and the team promised much and delivered far, far more than we might have imagined. Many Guild members were involved in many ways, and the Guild was proud to support directly the inspiring Light Moves at Park Grove Primary Academy School. This year also marks four years since UNESCO announced the City of Media Arts designation. The Guild was responsible, with Make It York and the Council, for producing our Evaluation Report. We will hear the outcome early next year. Meanwhile our links with our sister Creative Cities around the world gave us plenty of opportunities to share expertise in 2018. We invited the Cities of Media Arts Sapporo, Braga, Kosice, Enghien-les- Bains and Gwangju to York for our first mid-year meeting. We also joined the city to welcome visitors from Tel Aviv, Changsha, Shanghai West, and Kristiansand. We contributed our perspectives to York’s Cultural Strategy and the Creative Industries Strategy, reflecting the interests and concerns of our members. Throughout the year we also enjoyed one another’s company and learned at lot, at our inspiring Spring Social and our Summer Party at SPARK:York, and participated as partners in many more events across York. As the city’s newest Guild we also produced our first Mystery Play! Next year our dedicated Court will work even harder to organise a range of events for our members, and to bring you current and relevant news of what’s happening across our sector. We will support the team to keep the Mediale spirit alive to 2020, and we will work to increase further the opportunities for all of York’s children and young people to discover their own creative futures. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ann Gurnell Master