COVID-19 Impact: Open Letter from Creative Federation CEO & Industry Survey

Updated article: Survey sent out on May 17th with a response issued from the Federation.

It’s clear that our sector’s creativity and problem-solving abilities are going to be substantially affected by the ongoing Coronavirus emergency. This is a rapidly evolving, unprecedented situation, and The Creative Industries Federation has been listening carefully to the concerns of the creative industries.

Many of you have already shared your statistics, experiences and worries with The Creative Industries Federation, who will be consulting with the sector regularly in the days and weeks to come.

It is clear that the government needs more evidence from our sector to ensure they can fully and effectively support the UK's creators and creative industries.

Coronavirus: Your voice, heard.

Take Part in the Survey

The Creative Industries Federation need as many responses as they can gather.

Many organisations have issued tailored advice that the Creative Industries Federation will continue to share via their social channels, newsletters and website.

Please share your latest guidance, experience and concerns with using this dedicated mailbox:

The Creative Industries Federation is keen to keep in touch to ensure you and our wider creative community are supported during this difficult time.

With best wishes,

Caroline Norbury

Chief Executive

Creative Industries Federation and Creative England