Audio Feedback: The General x Haiku Salut at Everyman, York (Sept 11th 19).

We went to see Mediale & Wildfowl's showing of the Buster Keaton film, The General with a live soundtrack from Haiku Salut on Sept 11th 2019 and had an absolute blast. So did everyone else, so we captured some of the audience reactions in audio form and created the above video for your enjoyment, with some of our favourite responses below:

"We never played in York before and it's been really welcoming and the comments we got from the actual film are insightful"

Sophie, Haiku Salut

"It's great to see that they're actually triggering things live, because you always wonder with stuff like that 'are they prerecording', but actually being able to see the musicians react to it live and perform brings a new dimension to it"

Ben Porter

Absolutely fabulous, I love it...Exactly what York needs.

Rose Kent

An absolute thrill-ride from beginning to end. Soundtrack: phenomenal and hit all the beats. It was a joy to behold every second of it.

Jay Sillence

I think it made you appreciate the shots when nothing was happening, as well. Because it's quite an ambient score. The bits when the train was going across the great landscape, I wanted them to go on longer because it suited the music better.

Alison Jones