'Bags of Creativity': Call out for Artists & Participants, Deadline 12pm, Wed 3rd June 2020.

York is one of eight Cultural Education Partnerships taking part in exciting new regional initiative, ‘Bags of Creativity’, which hopes to distribute 8000 bags to vulnerable children and young people in Yorkshire and Humber. Each bag will contain between 15 and 20 different creative ideas and activities alongside all the materials and resources required to complete them.

York is taking part alongside Bradford, Doncaster, East Riding, Hull, Leeds, Rotherham and Sheffield. Chris Edwards, Chair of York Cultural Education Partnership explains, "We’ve already developed partnerships with the City of York Council Children’s Services to help us identify and distribute the bags to children and young people in their care or covered by their services".

The Creative Brief: Artists Needed To Design Activities.

IVE are seeking a creative team of 20 artists/creative practitioners/arts and cultural organisations to work with us to design high quality creative activities for 3 different age groups.

  • Early years 0 to 4yrs

  • Primary age 5 to 11yrs

  • Secondary age 12 to 16yrs

REACH, as the Local Cultural Education Partnership for the City of York are part of 'Bags of Creativity', led by IVE, the Bridge organisation for Yorkshire and Humber.

Final Activities and Resources:

Each LCEP will choose 15-20 activities per age group to print on postcards. All other ideas, that reach the standards expected, will be included in an online database that can be accessed by children, families and health/social care workers long into the future.

Your activities will be unique and credited to you/your organisation on the postcard. We see this as an opportunity for you to develop new relationships with children and families as a new audience for your work and offers.

For this reason we want the activities to be created by practitioners based in York.

The Creative Challenge!

You’ll need to develop activities based on a limited number of resources. Before you start designing your activities we’ll provide you with a list of what’s in the bag. All your activities must only use items from the list.

We are avoiding any activities that suggest using things from around the home or garden, or that ask children and young people to go into public spaces to find extra resources. The activities must be doable from the bags contents alone, as we know that, for some children, gathering additional resources isn’t an option. We’re also keen to make sure that activities for primary and secondary aged children can be done, as much as possible, without adult supervision. This will enable children and young people who may not receive supervision or attention from adults to complete the activities by themselves.

All activities need to be explained in age appropriate language on two sides of a standard postcard. They need to be visually attractive, not too wordy, easy to understand and fun and exciting to do.

Supporting Information:

Application Requirements:

To ensure that the activities and resources are appropriate, safe and high quality we are asking the 20 practitioners to attend professional development sessions with an expert in the developmental stages of childhood and the realities of life for vulnerable children and young people.

The sessions will be approx. 2 – 2.5 hours each, will separate sessions for each age group. If you are unable to attend the scheduled sessions, recordings will be available.

This training and development is mandatory as it will be your guidance as you begin designing activities.

You can choose to develop ideas for 1 or more of the age groups and submit as many ideas and activities as you can develop it the time given. There is no guarantee that all your ideas will be included in the final bags.


For freelance practitioners, SMEs and non-funded organisations, there is a fee of £180 for your time spent creating ideas and activities in a postcard format. This is based on 6hrs x £30.

We hope that larger funded organisations, whose core funding is protected during the Covid-19 crisis, will be willing to take part in this initiative using their learning, education or development budgets.

The training and development sessions are provided free of charge. We are unable to pay you for the time spent in these sessions but hope that these will be incredibly valuable to you for all your future developments and work with and for children and young people.

Intellectual property

In commissioning these activities, the final products will be subject to joint ownership between artist, REACH and IVE. Essentially, this enables all three parties to use and distribute the final products royalty free, without accounting to the other. The Content will not be broken down or amended after the final design is complete. Content will always be credited to the creator

Here’s the legal clause that will be included in the contract.

Intellectual Property jointly made, developed, conceived, first reduced to practice, fixed in any tangible medium of expression or created by [Company-A], [Company- B] and [Company -C] during the term of this Agreement (“Joint Intellectual Property”), will be the joint property of and the entire right, title and interest is hereby assigned jointly on a royalty free arrangement and each party may enjoy all rights and privileges accorded ownership of such joint property without accounting to the other. Content will always be credited to the creator and only be shared in its entirety at all times.

Approximate timescale

(subject to change).

Recruiting the creative team: 25 May to 10 June

Professional development sessions: 11 and 19

June Design period: 20 June to 4 July

Print: 5 and 12 July

Bag packing: 12 to 19 July

Distribution to children and young people: 20 July onwards

Which Local Cultural Education Partnerships are involved?



East Riding






Artist Application

DEADLINE: Weds 3 June 2020, 12 noon

Click here to apply to be part of ‘Bags of Creativity'

NOTE: if anyone wants to work with IVE to develop an activity to go in the 'Bags of Creativity', they will need to register and 'do' the CPD session.

For any technical issues with the application form please contact isabelle@weareive.org for a Microsoft word version of the form.

Apply to take part in 'Bags of Creativity as a participant.

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Deadline for applications: 12 noon, Weds 3 June 2020

Selection Timeline.

Wed 3 June: IVE will collate all applications on our behalf and forward them to REACH at the end of the day

Thu 4th- Tue 9th June: Applications shortlisted down to final team of 20 artists selected

Wed 10th June: Successful applicants contacted