Artist Spotlight: Zoe Catherine Kendall

Zoe Catherine Kendall by Vanessa Champion

Zoe Catherine Kendall is a fine artist working across the fields of painting, jewellery, object and most recently ceramics. After thirty formative years in London, she moved to Yorkshire to find something different. In 2016 Zoe landed in York, in 2017 she exhibited at Fossgate Social and Owl & Monkey and in 2018 as part of York Open Studios.

‘I find it limiting to be defined by one medium. I see each discipline interacting in a broad creative landscape, and that’s that is so exciting. ... My creative aspirations bring out a life force unrivalled by anything else.’

Screenshot of Zoe Catherine Kendall's website - July 2018

For more info on Zoe's work, Press and PR visit her website at


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